Digital Research Ambassadors

An internship scheme for postgraduate research students

Digital Research Services Ambassadors is a successful internship scheme for postgraduate research students across schools and colleges at the University of Edinburgh developed by Research Services.

Registrations of Interest are now open for the 2023 Ambassadors Internship Scheme! 

All UoE members of staff and postgraduate students interested in becoming hosts or interns are invited to fill out the registration of interest form.

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Previous iterations

In 2022, interns applied their digital research, computing, and data skills to research projects at the School of Law, School of Social and Political Science and School of Health in Social Science. The projects were presented at the 'The Digital Research Services Ambassadors Internship Event' on 28/10/2022. Visit the Digital Research Facilitation SharePoint site for an overview of the projects.

In 2019 and 2020 the internship was focused on Digital Research Facilitation activities, including the following:

  • Outreach and raising awareness for digital research services
  • Understanding research requirements, service usage, and demand via engagement with professional staff and research students, and academics
  • Organising training events and workshops
  • Contribution to knowledge-sharing networks, influence and drive change in digital research practices
  • Participation in discussions for research requirements & relevant research services
  • Highlight innovation in your field of research by the identification and documentation of cases of good practice in using the services
  • Development of tailored training materials for the services.



  • Aguilera Millacura Felipe 
  • Bibby Lloyd Ian 
  • Colmenero Acevedo Ezequiel Alberto 
  • Ghosh Abhirup
  • Hansen Johannes
  • McColm Daniel
  • Michielin Lucia
  • Naranova Anastasia
  • Pannir Selvam Durai Arun 
  • Wallace Lyndsey


  • Aguilera Millacura Felipe 
  • Au Eden 
  • Baghbadrani Aryan 
  • Feng Vera 
  • Guildford Roxanne 
  • Hibert Santana Ana 
  •  Mardones Daniela 
  • Martorell Toledano Enric
  • Menezes Manuel 
  • Pannir Selvam Durai Arun 
  • Papachristoforou Eleni 


  • Paola Tiranti
  • Rhys Davies
  • Shivangi Bansal
  • Tianyi Yang


In 2022, interns described the internship as a rewarding experience and a valuable opportunity to apply data skills, expand their network and work with colleagues from different backgrounds. They developed skills in planning and designing a research project, coding, and data visualization and presented their work at a university-wide event.

In 2020, the online-only nature of the internship was challenging but enabled ambassadors to develop skills and feel more confident engaging in virtual meetings.

In 2019, as part of the evaluation of the internship, ambassadors highlighted the following:

  • development of research skills and wider knowledge of the resources and possibilities of expanding and managing research projects
  • experience in organizing events
  • development of a better understanding of the research processes across disciplines & interdisciplinary work experience
  • engagement with other ambassadors, local stakeholders, and researchers helped them expand their network and enabled them to make valuable connections