Resource Finder

Our interactive resource finder helps identify the digital tool best suited for your research project.

Welcome to our resource finder! Below are some key points for you to get the best use out of this tool.

  • The Resource Finder summarises the available data and computing tools and support teams available to researchers at the University of Edinburgh.
  • You can use either the colourful wheel or the dropdown table to navigate the sections of the resource lifecycle.
  • You can answer as many or as few questions as you like and enter at any part of the research lifecycle – no need to start at the beginning.
  • More and more resources should pop up as you go through the questions.
  • If you like, you can hide resources using the eye icon. You can also change the layout using the buttons beside the eye icon.
  • If you wish to revisit or share your responses and associated resources you can use the save button, which will create a unique URL.
  • For a full catalogue of tools and support, please visit our Resources page.
  • ER - External Resources

Watch the explainer video to get started (1:34 min).

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