Digital Research Ambassadors

An internship scheme benefiting postgraduate research students and research/professional staff at UoE.

Digital Research Ambassadors is a fully funded internship scheme benefiting postgraduate research students and research groups/professional staff across the University. It is developed and supported by Digital Research Services and has been running since 2019.

Interns - postgraduate students with strong data and computing skills - are matched with host projects across the University. They will bring in digital research expertise, contributing to skill development and project planning. They also gain hands-on interdisciplinary research experience.

Hosts - research or professional staff across the University - propose a project and will receive support from the intern. They will gain new perspectives and hands-on support in using digital tools and services, develop additional dimensions to digital research planning and inspire a new generation of researchers.

Update March 2024

Applications for interns and hosts has now closed, and the projects are underway.

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Further details

The intern works 7-9 hours per week for a maximum of 12 weeks. This means the internship can run alongside their studies. The pay grade is UE05.

The internship usually runs from April/May up to 31st July of any academic year, subject to funding.

No financial contribution is expected from the host.

Selection process & Timeline

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Have a look at the FAQs on the Ambassador Internship scheme.


Previous Projects


Upgrading an existing R Shiny app to portray research findings in area interaction point process models

Intern: Fabian Yii, PhD student in Precision Medicine

Host: Glenna Nightingale, School of Health in Social Science

Presentation App

‘Supporting digital humanities’: review discipline-specific support needs, and assess existing and potential inter-disciplinary research related to digital humanities.

Intern: Dandian Yang, PhD student in Architecture

Host: Robin Bendrey and Sue Coleman, School of History, Classics and Archaeology


Establishing a metadata storage service for granular materials

Intern: Vidminas Vizgirda, PhD Student in Informatics

Host: Jin Ooi, School of Engineering


A robust system for measuring antibiotic data use over time

Intern: Liangkai Sun, MSc student in Psychology of Mental Health with background in Engineering

Host: Špela Oberstar, Hospital for Small Animals


Reviewing and redeveloping the Digital Research Services website

Intern: Jenny Long, MSc student in Design Informatics

Host: Digital Research Services


Mapping the different interest groups involved in health policy-making in the European Union

Intern: Fabian Yii, PhD student in Precision Medicine

Host: Eleanor Brooks, School of Social and Political Sciences



Analysing Twitter Data for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Intern: Paola Tiranti, MSc Theoretical Physics

Host: Suzanne O'Rourke, School of Health in Social Science


Diversity and Cohesion in Premier League Football performance

Intern: Rhys Maredudd Davies, PhD student in Clinical Psychology

Host: Gian Marco Campagnolo, School of Social and Political Science


Usability evaluation and user experience for the PeaceRep and PA-X web platforms

Intern: Shivangi Bansal, MSc in Advanced Design Informatics

Host: Devanjan Bhattacharya, School of Informatics and Sanja Badanjak, School of Law


Many thanks to intern Tianyi Yang, PhD student in Physics and Astronomy, who supported all three projects in 2021/22.



“We have learnt much from [our intern's] knowledge and detailed review so far, which is also helpful for the new European project we are planning to submit this year which has a much larger ML database component.”

Prof. Jin Ooi, Chair of Particulate Solid Mechanics, Institute for Infrastructure and Environment, School of Engineering

"It was an absolute pleasure to be a host for the Digital Ambassadors Internship Scheme. The intern (...) created a sophisticated R Shiny app for my project and I have included the app in a grant application (Big Ideas Accelerator, 2023). The app currently allows users to upload data and to run a univariate area interaction point process model on the data. A link to a tutorial on point pattern data is also provided on the app. If our grant application is successful, we will include the facility to run bivariate point process models as well. During the project [our intern] was self-motivated, was highly organised and delivered a great product."

Dr. Glenna Nightingale, Chancellor's Fellow, Nursing Studies, School of Health in Social Sciences

“This was my first [interdisciplinary] internship (...), and it provides me a valuable opportunity to apply my data analysing skills in industry and allows me to work with colleagues from different backgrounds.”

Tianyi Yang, DRS Ambassador 2022

Next steps

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