2023-24 Digital Research Bootcamp

Get to grips with digital research during this two-day bootcamp, tailored to your level of expertise.

Key Points

When: 4th and 5th December 2023

Who: PGRs, research staff, professional staff

Format: In person

Location: 50 George Square - 1.02 Computer Lab 2 and Project Room 1.06

Price: Free of charge to members of the University of Edinburgh

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Event Description

The University of Edinburgh offers a vast selection of digital research tools and services, helping you in every stage of the research lifecycle. These include tools on data management, high performance computing, open research and research profile maintenance.

In this two-day boot-camp, we will cut through the complex landscape and highlight the key tools that have the potential to transform your research planning and execution, meaning you can take your research to the next level.

This boot camp is tailored to postgraduate researchers, research staff as well as professional support staff. New joiners to the University of Edinburgh, as well as long-standing members, have the opportunity to orientate themselves and gain new skills and perspectives. The boot camp will include options for tailored content to suit a diverse range of expertise.

Schedule includes:

  • Introduction to the Digital Research Lifecyle
  • Goal Setting – tailored to different levels of expertise
  • Mastering Research Data Management Plans
  • Research Computing – beginners and advanced class*
    • Fully booked!
  • Understanding Research Data Repositories
  • Open Research Practices
  • Different Publishing Pathways
  • Managing your Research Profile

*These are hands-on with a limited number of participants.

No previous knowledge is required to join the BootCamp. Lunch, tea and coffee are included in the boot camp.

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Can’t commit to 2 full days? Check out our lunchtime seminar series, where we will be examining different stages of the research lifecycle, and associated digital tools and resources, throughout 1 hour lunch slots in Semester 2.

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