Digital Research Services Roadshow 2023

Visiting buildings across CMVM, CSE and CAHSS

In the run up to summer, Digital Research Services will be visiting buildings across all three Colleges. Whether you only have time for a quick chat or you'd like to discuss your research needs in more depth, we would love to see you at our stall!

What can you expect?

  • Tell us about your research needs: What digital tools do you use, or would like to use? How are you managing your data?
  • Discover how you could scale up your research project
  • Explore our events and opportunities for skills development and networking
  • Meet the Research Facilitation Team
  • Free refreshments, stationary and more

First Stop: CMVM

Chancellor's Building

  • Tuesday 18th April
  • From 10am until 2pm
  • In the Foyer of Chancellor's Building

Second Stop: CAHSS

50 George Square

  • Wednesday 3rd May
  • From 10am until 2pm

Third Stop: CSE

Nucleus Building

  • Wednesday 10th May
  • From 10am until 2pm
  • In the Nucleus Building's main Entrance

Fourth Stop: King's Buildings - JCMB

  • Thursday 1st June
  • From 10 am until 2 pm
  • Near Magnet Café

Fifth Stop: Holyrood Campus

  • Wednesday 7th June
  • From 10 am until 2 pm
  • Levels Café and Lounge

Sixth Stop: CAHSS

  • Tuesday 27th June 2023
  • From 10 am until 2 pm
  • Chrystal Macmillan Building